YUDU Outdoors Interview with Owner & Creator Brian Senn 9/14/2017

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Brandon Barfield: Hey Brian, thank you for taking the time to meet with us today.  What is YUDU Outdoors?

Brian Senn: Yudu Outdoors is a new social media app for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or whatever you do Outdoors! It's a place where faith, family and freedom are shared without the kick back from the anti's. Yudu was born in 2 places, a tree stand in Kansas and a shooting house in Alabama. In Kansas, all my friends would be texting me the same question and I would have to respond to them all separately. "Have you seen anything yet", became a job and took away from my hunt. My thought was, that we need a place where I can build a group, put all my hunting buddies in it, and talk to them all at one time.

Brandon Barfield: How did you come up with the idea?

Brian Senn: In Alabama, me and my 11 and 12 year old boys were deer hunting and just like lots of you, we love videoing our hunts. Just so happens my 12 year old killed his first buck and the footage was great. Of course my kids wanted to post the video on Facebook, but I knew if they did it would open them up to possible hate from the anti hunters. At that point I actually got mad, and decided we needed a place where we could openly display our passions and our heritage with pride. We needed a place for "us", and YUDU was born!

Brandon Barfield: How does YUDU differ from Facebook and why should hunters switch?

Brian Senn: What YUDU offers is a community of like minded people who enjoy the same things and embrace a outdoor lifestyle free from hate and free from a agenda that is being forced on us by Facebook and other social media apps. One of the things that I have been encouraged by is the new hunters that have reached out to me and expressed their appreciation for creating a place where they can ask questions and so many people freely and openly respond to try to educate them on best ways to do things and best products to use. That's really cool!! We also have a tool set that sets us apart from other social media platforms.


YUDU APP Tool Set During Hurricane Irma

Brandon Barfield: I've been using YUDU for a couple of weeks now and one of my favorite features are the built in tools. Can you explain for our readers what these tools are and why they are important?

Brian Senn: One thing we wanted to do was to provide a one stop shop that would allow you to delete some of your other apps and do everything for your hunt from one place. Are tool set is being updated as we speak and we will continually improve it. You will be able to check weather, radar, forecast, moon phase and peak moving times. You will be able to mark your hunting locations and view a scent cone for wind direction. All the features that you use to have to use other apps to do, will be on YUDU!

Brandon Barfield: I see that you guys have a built in online store, any plans to expand on that?

Brian Senn: Our online store is accessed from a shopping cart on the top right corner of the app. Right now you can buy YUDU swag, but we will soon be adding much more. Our plan is for our store to become a market place for other retailers and manufacturers to sell their products through. We also plan on creating a place where people can sell their used gear! Kind of a EBay for the Outdoors.

Brandon Barfield: What do you say to the Facebook Hunter who is hesitant to switch over to YUDU?

Brian Senn: To any hunters who are currently FB users and may be hesitant to leave FB, I say don't leave it, simply ad YUDU and start giving it a try. My bet is that they soon make YUDU their go to social media home. And why wouldn't they, lol, it was built for us!

Brandon Barfield: I really enjoy the community at YUDU so far, how did such a supportive motivated group happen?

Brian Senn: We do have a very supportive group at YUDU and I guess you could say that God has had his hand on this and put the right people in place to make that happen. Personally, my Motto has been, if they can't sit on a duck blind or hang out with me at the camp ground, they probably are not a good fit for our team. Simple, but it works.

Brandon Barfield: Any plans to expand upon or improve the already great built in features?

Brian Senn:

Brandon Barfield: Is YUDU Outdoors available on all mobile platforms? Where can it be downloaded?

Brian Senn: Yudu is available for all mobile platforms and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or google play.

Brandon Barfield: Thank you again for the time Brian! It was great talking with 

Brian Senn: Thanks Brandon! I greatly appreciate your support and for being a part of what we are doing at YUDU.