Ultimate Camera Mount Review - By Brandon Barfield   

  • Full Range Of Motion Up, Down and 360 Degrees
  • You Can Install This Mount On Any Tree Or Sappling

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Ever found a heavily traveled trail, but no good trees to hang a camera with your strap? I certainly have. Dealing with leaning trees and trees that are to thin are a common occurrence in the creek bottoms of GA. The ultimate camera mount eliminates this issue with Its easy anywhere instillation and full range of movement.

You can place this camera mount almost anywhere there is something to screw into as long as the limb can support your camera weight.

You can rotate your camera 360 degrees or tilt it completely up or down. Once you have it in the position you want, simply tighten up the wing nuts and it will be locked in place! It's a very simple system.

Want to film your hunts hands free but can't afford an expensive camera arm? You're in luck. If a camera fits a tripod it will fit this mount. You can put your go pro or other camera on this mount and screw it into any tree!

The Ultimate Camera Mount is the easiest, most versatile camera mounting system we have ever used. It's sonsmall and lightweight you can carry it in your shirt pocket!