Scott Sigma Release Review - By Brent Yoh

             The Precision Peep Is A Game Changing Innovation


  • Highly engineered for maximum accuracy
  • Ergonomic shape provides ultimate feel
  • Closed position full radius tapered handle for consistent            hand position
  • Fully adjustable trigger and travel adjustment
  • Interchangeable spring system for full range adjustment
  • Machined 440 Stainless Steel internal components
  • Available Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple & Black


MSRP –  $350.00

AMAZON – $206.98


Personally I have had the chance to demo many of Scott releases, mostly trigger style ones such as the Samurai & Freedom XT which were my first option as a hunting release and still remain my back up in the field.  Being that there is hardly any reviews of this highly praised release I chose to share my opinion and proven facts.

When I first started shooting in the target world I jumped out of my comfort zone and finally started shooting some thumb releases.  Once I was ready to stop borrowing from friends I broke down and bought the Scott Sigma as it first hit the market.  Now that I have had a significant amount of time to respectfully review this product, I can now share what we’ve found!!!

As most of Scott’s products the Sigma was very comfortable to shoot, being that you can fully adjust the barrel and sensitivity, I was able to fine tune this release to me and saw a great improvement and consistency in my shooting!  Some claim that the locking mechanism has a grinding feel upon locking to the D-Loop, what I noticed is that this actually gets less aggressive the “hotter” that you set it.


Now for some bad news!  There are only two things I have reservations about with the Scott Sigma. 

1 - The barrel (with my personal release) will turn and come out of the setting I have put it in no matter how much I tighten the set screw.  Something that may be going on with mine only, but we will wait to see if anyone else has this issue.


2 – This one is a little scary!  In the picture I have provided you will see a mechanical failure (Broken Spring) from a friend of mine’s Sigma, who happens to be a Pro shooter.  He told me he had an issue at full draw where no matter how hard he pressed down on the barrel, he could not get it to release; it was permanently in the locked position.  This got me curious so I disassembled his release to see what had happened.  As you can see an internal spring actually broke directly in half, causing this malfunction!

                                                                  It's an experience that's hard to describe and impossible to photograph, but works fluid and brilliantly. 


All this being said, Scott still makes great products and have an awesome warranty program as many of you already know.  They take care of their customers, and either repair or replace the product in question!  Whether this be something that they may need to look into down the production line or not, we will wait and see.  Other than that I have not had this happen with my personal one, but now this mishap remains implanted in the back of my head!


Till next time,

Brent Yoh