Martin Panther Take Down Recurve Review - By Brandon Barfield   


The Martin Saber Is Worth Twice                        The Price Tag

The Martin Saber Is Worth Twice                        The Price Tag

  • Available in 29/35/40/45/50/55 lbs
  • AMO Length 64"
  • Brace height 6.75"-7.5"
  • Weight 3.4lb
  • MSRP $249.99

An affordable bow worth twice its price tag

The Martin Saber Takedown Recurve has a lot to offer.  It's smooth, fast, quiet and accurate.  The price tag of $249.99 does not justify the quality of this bow.  

How does it shoot?

I tested this bow at 20 yards with no sight and consistently shot a 1.5-2" group.  The draw is smooth and fluid.  Upon release I felt zero hand shock.  I am long on the draw at 30" and I noticed no stacking.  This bow gets the job done and feels amazing.  

The riser

The riser is made of machines aluminum, and is light weight.  Also, it is predrilled for a sight, rest and stabilizer.  Each riser is equipped with 2 VEMs which ensure you feel little to know hand shock. 

Fast and Quiet

This bow is noticeably faster than other bows in its class.  When you release the string all you will hear is a quiet thump.  


The grip can cause blisters on some people due to a needless piece of cloth against the palm.  You can easily remove it with a blade or wrap the whole grip in cloth or leather.  

The rest that comes with the bow should immediately be thrown away and replaced.  It is cheap and will break after just a few shots.  


This is a fantastic recurve bow for shooters of any skill level.  With its price tag it is the highest quality, most affordable bow in its class. 


                                                                       Gorgeous Riser

                                                                       Gorgeous Riser

                                                                                                   Fast And Accurate

                                                                                                   Fast And Accurate