APA Mamba Air TF Review - By Brandon Barfield   


                           This bow comes loaded with extras no other bow on the market have. 

                           This bow comes loaded with extras no other bow on the market have. 

  • IBO Speed up to (fps) – 348
  • Brace Height – 7"
  • Let Off % – 75
  • Axle to Axle (in) – 28.5"
  • Physical Weight (lbs) – 3.4lb
  • Draw Weights (lbs) – 40,50,60,70,
  • Draw Lengths (in) – 25 – 30"
  • Kinetic Energy – 94.14



  • MX Cams
  • Twin Flex Limbs
  • Cam Lock System (Can Change String & Cables In The Field)
  • Riser Fang
  • Camera Mount
  • EZ Tune Modules
  • Soft Touch Armor
  • Thin Grip
  • Ultra Slim & Compact
  • Rear Stabilizer Mount


This bow is Short, compact & Hard hitting.  The Mamba Air TF is one of the most forgiving short bows on the market.  

The generous brace height of 7", 28.5" axle to axle, speed, exclusive features and tune-ability of this bow make the Mamba Air a beast.  

 With a 28.5" axle to axle and 7" brace heightone might not expect to be hitting the speeds this bow is capable of.  The highly efficient MX cams and Twin Flex limb technology kick this bow into overdrive.  The Mamba Air TF is fast and smooth.  

The Mamba Air TF is the perfect bow for shooting from a stand or a blind.  It's short ATA make it easy to shoot from any angle while seated. 

Upon shooting there was zero hand shock or vibration noticed.  The Mamba Air tf has a smooth draw cycle with a solid back wall. 



This bow comes loaded with extras no other bow on the market have.  

Using the cam lock system you can change your strings, cables or make adjustments in the field or while in your stand.  Any elk or mountainous hunter know how useful a feature like this can be.  No need to pack a spare bow of something happens, just bring extra strings and cables in your pack.  The system is fast and easy to use.  Pull the cam lock pin out, apply pressure to the string and place the lock pin in the cam and your ready to work on your bow.  

A camera mount is built right into the riser.  No need to buy aftermarket mounts that may not work.  I noticed less vibration from the shot with this system as opposed to other aftermarket mounts as well.  

APA's signature Riser Fang is a tool I find myself using way more in the field than I thought I would.  It works brilliantly.  You can hang your bow almost anywhere with confidence it will not slip or fall.  

This Mamba air TF is a must own for any hunter.   If you see this bow in a shop or at a show, give it a try.